We at Brazilianthunder, believe in a life based in HEALTH, on STAMINA, AWARENESS and WELL-BEING with enthusiasm and passion for life. We are here to inspire you to make your best nutritional and training choices and guide you to achieve your highest potential.


    Challenge your body-mind-energy. Experience new, innovative techniques. Each time we reach a higher level of fitness, our confidence increases, our health advances and our awareness expands; allowing us to fine tune our experiences on our planet.



    How to increase and cultivate our vitality​?

    How to achieve our fitness potential

    How to advance and continue our strength?​

    How to reduce inflammation ​

  • My Training Philosophy is a direct result of my practice, researching and understanding these questions, that hold the key to our health, vitality and youth.

  • Be your own fountain of youth.


    The connective tissue when healthy increases your vitality, and keeps the body young.
    My fascination and curiosity for the workings of the human body brought me to believe;

    the story of aging is concealed equally in the muscles and connective tissues.
    If we keep them both vigorous and resilient, we can stay flexible and active through out our lives.


    The connective tissue network is a support and a communication system, that connects everything from your brain to your toes.
    They come in many different forms,
    facia, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and watery fluid among many.


  • Flexibility is the signature of youth.

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  • His technique

    Is a combination of science, movement and art.

    It integrates muscles systems instead of isolated muscles. Exercises and movement incorporating simultaneously all kinds of motion balancing the body’s energy centers. Elastic resistance to improve muscle power, flexibility and agility, and ballet for a perfect posture.

    His interest

    in quantum physics and the solfeggio scale frequencies keeps his mind opened to the unknown, inspiring him to apply his intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to develop and maintain innovative ways of training. He considers physical exercise to be a creative energy that is continuously changing and transforming, with the more he knows the greater his desire to keep Brazilianthunder training pioneering and passionate for his clientele.

  • All nutritional protocols are designed to provide my clients the best source of raw materials to be transformed into vital human tissue upon digestion.

  • Fluid like the oceans

    Strong like the mountains

    Free like the wind

    Passionate like the fire

  • Finding the right balance in life.



    When the word body comes to mind, most people related it to the physical body.
    However we are a combination of three bodies, and we use all the bodies at the same time simultaneously, because the other two are not tangible they are often neglected.

    One of the non-physical body is called the energy body. It surrounds and extend beyond the physical body, it is connected with the environment and other’s persons energy bodies. The seven chakras are interacting with the energy body at all times. People’s energy body is generally directly reflective of one’s mental and spiritual state.


    I incorporated chakra balancing within my training philosophy and technique, to boost the ability to intuitively understand and control your energy body more accurately.

    The chakra training supports the cultivation of a vibrant Chi, the spirit energy that breathes life into our bodies and move the stars around the cosmos.


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    Is a true fusion of agility, core, strength training, Kettlebell variations, endurance and movement inspired by martial arts.

    Elastic Resistance

    The workout with heavy resistance primary focuses on increasing the amount of force, which can be produced through a specific range of motion.

    The Heavy elastic resistance training has Innumerous variations in which intensity can be manipulated increasing the amount of force that can be produced during the movement.

    It boosts flexibility, strength, awareness and precision.

    Using elastic bands improve muscle power, core strength, balance and speed.


    A fusion of tai-chi, core, ballet, isometrics, Pilates and mindfulness.

    A moving meditation.

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  • Dietary guidelines and re-integration protocol

    This guideline is based on your blood type, this knowledge allows you to choose the foods that your body digest more effectively. It tells you the kinds of food that are beneficial, neutral and detrimental to your body and mind.

    Detoxification protocol

    The detoxification protocol is a modified fast, a period of time in which we restrict the quantity and quality of foods introduced into the body, to allow it to eliminate excess that has built up over time.


    PROTOCOL 8 X 16HrsWe use this protocol to stimulate your body fat decrease, increase quality and longevity of life, allowing a flexibility in your food intake.


    You need to schedule a maximum period of 8hrs a day to make your food intake. Ideally, within this period, you consume the foods that are presented in your food planning, HOW HUNGRY YOU ARE, that is, you do not have to force all the meals described in your spreadsheet to go into consumption within the 8-hour period, but if your hunger asks them all, no problem, you can have them.


    These 8hrs cannot be understood as 8hrs for the consumption of the maximum of foods that you can accept, in order to prepare for the 16hrs of fasting that will come after this moment. Eat NATURALLY, as you feel hungry (you really need to eat)
    BUT EAT, because then you can not eat ANYTHING for the next 16hrs.


    After 8 hours in which you are allowed to eat, you need to count 16hrs followed by FASTING FOODS, you can only consume energy-free liquids, ie. water, sugar-free teas and coffee. Try to consume at least 3/4 gallons of fluids during fasting. This action will be very important for the health and cleanliness of your body.


    In your first experiences with this protocol you may be very hungry, but when you feel this sensation try to engage in some other activity to forget the feeling of hunger. When you focus on other activities the hunger sensation subsides.


    If possible during the 2-3 days of the week chosen to follow this protocol, always in the morning or in the afternoon perform at least 30 minutes of moderate exercises. It could be a good walk, bike riding, skipping rope, playing with the dog, climbing stairs, anything, but this boost of activity will be important to accelerate your metabolism even more.


    Do this correctly. At first only 2-3 times a week will be enough for you to realize its beneficial effects.


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    Jeff DePeron, CPT

    Chief Alchemist

    Jeff is a multidimensional, celebrity fitness trainer based in Los Angeles, California. Jeff has worked in the health and fitness arena for more than 20 years. He trains the world’s leading athletes, entertainers and executives to perform at their physical and mental peak.


    DePeron views physical training as an art form. His consciousness conceptualizes creative energy into movement, form, posture and self-expression. Training is his creative outlet. He does this in conjunction with cutting edge holistic and science based research encompassing - nutrition, the solfeggio scale frequencies, and quantum physics.


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    University of Campinas, Brazil

    Schloss Klessheim Salzburg, Austria

    CLUB MED sports activities coordinator for over 10 years in more then 15 Club Med resorts in Asia, Australia, Brazil, Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Northern Africa, and the South Pacific.




    "Jeff's training program is a lifestyle... in addition to physical fitness, I derive peace of mind and energy everyday."

    Ryan Seacrest

    "Jeff's training is a mind, body and spirit connection that not only gives me tremendous energy but makes my body look and feel like someone much younger! I love working out with him. I've never felt better!"

    Lisa Rinna

    "One day at the gym, I watched a man with the most beautiful physique and posture workout in most graceful, beautiful way. It turned out he was Jeff Deperon, a personal trainer to the movers and shakers in Los Angeles. He could see that his clients needed to hit the ground running, so he focused on gathering energy from good nutrients. He became a mix master, a juicing genius."

    Cornelia Guest

    are among his clients. International celebrities, super models and Saudi Arabian Royalty seek his expertises.

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    • Games trainer of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.
    • Jeff DePeron was invited by the makers of Oral-B to participate in the campaign “Fitness of The Mouth”, their release of the high-end power brush “Oral-B Triumph”.
    • Jeff has been featured in magazines such as People, US weekly, OK Magazine and VH1 celebrity eye candy. "Jeff is a tour de force; a secret weapon in Hollywood."