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  • "Jeff's training program is a lifestyle... in addition to physical fitness, I derive peace of mind and energy everyday."


    - Ryan Seacrest

    Media mogul

    "Jeff's training is a mind, body and spirit connection that not only gives me tremendous energy but makes my body look and feel like someone much younger! I love working out with him. I've never felt better!"



    - Lisa Rinna

    Actress, Entrepreneur

    One day at the gym, I watched a man with the most beautiful physique and posture workout in most graceful, beautiful way. It turned out he was Jeff Deperon, a personal trainer to the movers and shakers in Los Angeles. He could see that his clients needed to hit the ground running, so he focused on gathering energy from good nutrients. He became a mix master, a juicing genius.



    - Cornelia Guest
    Socialite, author and entrepreneur.

    "I started working with Jeff when I decided to do Dancing with the Stars. He took my stiff 55 year old body and within 5 weeks I was dancing like a 25 year old. Jeff's unique blend of twisting, lifting and stretching sculpts a body into a finely tuned and toned instrument that is not only beautiful to behold but also strong, lean, supple and ready for action. He understands that the body, mind and spirit are one, and his workout philosophy is a reflection of that keen insight."


    - Harry Hamlin

    Actor, Dancing With the Stars

    "After my major hip replacement surgery from osteo-neogrocis, I tried to get back in shape but it was difficult because I did not have confidence in myself due to the the pain and post-trauma from the hip replacement....not only did jeff, get my weight down ten pounds but he emphasized “core training” and strengthened my muscle mass around my hip area and built up my endurance.....today my personal doctor is amazed from my bi-annual physical examinations that I am able to be as active as I am......playing baseball, basketball, running, playing golf and rock climbing etc. etc.....and most importantly, having the confidence in my abilities that I can live an atheletic lifestyle.....
    thank you for kicking my butt in shape, Jeff DePeron!



    - Michael Cardenas
    Entrepreneur, Restaurateur
    Innovative Dining - http://www.innovativedining.com/ 

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