• I believe that the best in each of us is

    fully revealed when the physical body is HEALTHY

    - Jeff DePeron

  • Philosophy

    DePeron’ s technique

    is constantly evolving as he furthers his knowledge and experience in the relationship of the mind, body and one’s health in conjunction with holistic research of nutrition, physical form, The solfeggio scale frequencies, movement and quantum physics.

    His interest

    in quantum physics and the solfeggio scale frequencies keeps his mind opened to the unknown, inspiring him to apply his intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to develop and maintain innovative ways of working out. He considers physical exercise to be a creative energy that is continuously changing and transforming, with the more he knows the greater his desire to keep Hura training pioneering and passionate for his clientele.

    His technique

    integrates muscles systems instead of isolated muscles, exercises and movement incorporating simultaneously all kinds of motion, helping balance the body’s chakras simultaneously. To achieve this Jeff has implemented Tai-chi for fluidity, flexibility and awareness, Pilates and yoga to elongate the muscles, ballet for a perfect posture, and weights to increase strength and muscle mass. Jeff describes his dynamic technique, the exercises, as moving forms divided into water (fluidity), earth (balance), wind (agility), and fire (energy)

    • Fluid like the oceans
    • Strong like the mountains
    • Free like the wind
    • Passionate like the fire

    He believes

    through training physical form, and movement, the chi (spirit energy) flows freely within the body, revealing a strong, well-balanced and beautiful physic.

    His inspiration

    comes from the ancient Greek and Roman exercise of disc throwing, and eastern martial arts. More than 87% of our core musculature is in a diagonal and horizontal orientation, with rotation the pivotal action. Our bodies are neurologically cross-wired, as a reflex causes a limb to flex and the contra lateral limb to extend.

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