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The importance of food combining.

When you have a meal made of too many different kind of ingredients, it triggers varies responses within your body. Too much elaborate foods encourage overindulgence, which promotes digestive fermentation and contaminated blood, it may even cuase a foggy mind. Poor food combining results in decreased nutrient assimilation, intestinal gas and abdominal pain and swelling, and overtime it may cause degenerative conditions.

Optimal food assimilation is the end result of digestive enzymes. Different kind of foods require different enzymes, even foods within the same food group.

When a meal is composed of too many different components, it confuses the body and it is not able to produce the necessary enzymes at the same time, digestion still takes place but mainly through bacterial action, causing fermentation and other problems associated with it.

When protein of any food is digested enzymatically, amino acids are made available to repair and maintain the body. Bacterial digestion promotes the availability of amino acid as well, however it creates additional poisonous by-products.

Various toxic products are the result of bacterial fermentation of starch, which includes, acetic acid, lactic acid, alcohols and carbon dioxide.

Don not confuse digestive fermentation with healthful controlled fermentation like sauerkraut, tempeh, miso, etc

Basic rules for food combining

Eat high protein foods first at the begging of the meal.

High protein foods require ample stomach acids therefore they should be eaten at the beginning of the meal, whereas starches require much less.

When high protein foods such as animal products, legumes, nuts and seeds, are eaten after starches and other types of food, the stomach acids will not be enough for their digestion.

Proteins. fats, starches, combine best with greens and non-starchy vegetables.

Whenever you consume a meal made of protein or/and starches, green veggies are the best choice to complement it. Most people usually do not isolate protein from starches, or eat protein first, therefore eating an abundant choice of green veggies within the same meal, is optimal to ensure a good digestion. In any meal protein foods are harder to digest. Too much protein, especially form animal origin is the major dietary source of indigestion and sickness in the western part of the world, where it is mostly consumed.

The reason behind it, is because protein from animal origin has for the most part substantial saturated fat, and fats and oils slow the digestion of protein.

It gets even worse if the animal protein is fried in cooking oils, therefore fats and oils should be minimal when eaten a high protein meal.

Starches combine well with green veggies and low-starchy veggies, and not well with other starchy foods. Ideally a meal should contain only one type of starchy food.

Fruit and sweetened foods should be eaten alone, or in small amounts at the end of the meal.

When fruits and other sweet foods are eaten in the same meal, they digest first monopolizing all the digestive functions, and the other foods wait and ferment.

Fruits and sweet foods combine poorly with protein and starches, and combine better with green vegetables. Lettuce and celery aid digestion of fruits and simple carbs.

When having a meal composed of protein, starches and fruits (or dessert), you should finish up your meal with a vibrant lettuce salad dressed with lemon juice and drops of olive oil.

Fruits ideally should be eaten alone, as a snack. An apple prior to workout is both refreshing and energizing, as an example.

Melons should be eaten alone since they digest very fast, any other foods ( even other fruits) eaten in the meal slows the digestion, resulting in fermentation.

Simpler meals digest better.

The best message to look for is the quality of stool produced and the sensation the foods give to the body. When foods are eaten in proper combination, they will feel good and produce no flatulence, and the stool will be solid and will not contain any undigested food particles.

Practice eating what feels good because the body always know best.

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