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Ryan Seacrest's Vitamix Smoothie Recipe

Rachel Tepper
Associate Food Editor
October 7, 2014

Credit: NBC NewsWire, Getty

In recent months, Seacrest has espoused the virtues of his Vitamix-made green smoothies on programs including “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” his own radio show, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” and “The Today Show.”

Each time, Seacrest has proffered an emerald-hued drink called “Brazilian Thunder,” designed by his trainer Jeff DePeron. According to his website, DePeron developed the “secret recipe after years of working like an alchemist.”

Well, it’s a secret no more. DePeron allowed us to steal his Brazilian Thunder recipe, which gets its vibrant color from parsley, mint, green tea, and kale juice. Açai berry, apple, and pineapple are also in the mix to sweeten the concoction up a bit, but even Seacrest admits that the grassy-tasting drinkis an “acquired taste.”

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